Happy New Year 2016 Horoscope for all 12 Moon Signs The Happy New Year 2016 is very near. The count down for the Happy New Year 2016 begins just 7 days, some hours are left to celebrate the New Year 2016. Everybody wants to know the future of us in this coming New Year 2016. Future is unfold, can not be seen but predictions is here to give you relief and provides relax.

Happy New Year 2016 Horoscope

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The suggestions are also at our website to be caution where and when? 2016 horoscope is a mysteries. Only predictions are available according to moon signs. So here we provides the predictions for all moon signs. Go to our website visit the same and know your lucky dates, charm and much more.

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Happy New Year 2016 Horoscope for all 12 Moon Signs

ARIES HOROSCOPE 2016: Aries the firs moon sign in 2016 your destiny will support you the maximum, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu are in your favor, which is not bad at all. First half of the year will be cheering and get financial and social growth.

TAURAS 2016: According to prediction destiny will favour you less this year. Be careful, work harder than before. Jupiter is favoring you amongst the four powerful planets.

GEMINI 2016 brings you the good news will be much beneficial from the last year. Destiny is supporting you much higher. Enjoy the year, time will produce great result to you. Be happy.

CANCER PREDICTION 2016:  The planetary condition will favour you sometime and will be helpful during the first half. Do important work in this time. Jupitor and Rahu are in favor and ready to give you many things.

LEO PREDICTIONS: Predictions for 2016 for LEO (Lions) remain unfavorable. Less support of powerful Planet. Be careful, work hard, much attention is needed.

VIRGO 2016 : Destiny is supporting you half, mixed results, some sweet some sour. Be careful and do the best. Medium results are much good than nothing.

LIBRA 2016 PREDICTION: For this moon sign mixed results are here. The Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter will give both salt and sour results. Analysis yourself before taking action.

SCORPIO 2016: The destiny is not in favor only 40% will be in your favor, Jupitor will produce great results. There is a need to do work hard and be patient.

Sagittarius 2016: Jupiter will be in eighth house so almost half of the year 2016 will be unfavorable. After that it will change its position and you get relief.

Capricorn: The four major planets will be supporters so this 2016 will be fruitful and do a certain good things.

Aquariaous: This year will be full of difficulties. So the moon signs will not be in favor be careful, act wisely.

Pisces : This year planets are in a well position. The patience and calm will be helpful in getting out from bad situations.

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