Best Happy New Year 2016 Dishes, Prepare Sweet Recipes The jingle bells of Santa is ringing and a very few days are left to celebrate the Happy New Year 2016. Without food one can not celebrate the festival of Happy New Year. The tasty, spicy and different types of food provide the great tadka in a celebration and enhance the joy of dance, party and dhamal.

Best Happy New Year 2016 Dishes- Gajar Halwa

We all pray for good health in 2016 so get the right recipes here at our website and found good health with good luck. The variety of food can serve to the guest will be appreciable. We provide you the recipes of various type. The Gajar / Carrot halwa, pastry, cake, Sweet Potato etc. are the best sweet dishes.

Best Happy New Year 2016 Dishes, Prepare Sweet Recipes

Sweet Potato Casserole: This is the famous New Year Dish and as a host you can serve the same on Happy New Year 2016. It requires sweet potato, sugar, beaten eggs, margarine, milk and vanilla to prepare for topping brown sugar, flour and chopped pecans is required. Bake the dish after mixing all in a appropriate quantity to make at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes. Decorate with topping items and serve. The cakes are the best option to serve on the Happy New Year. We provide here some of the sweet recipes of cakes.

Gajar/Carrot Halwa: The famous Indian sweet dish prepared only in winters and the best idea. Carrot, sugar, ghee, dry fruit, cream and milk are required to prepare. The dish requires time to prepare.  The crushed carrot will be boiled in milk and can be made in Microwave. Decorate the same with dry fruits and serve.

Cake: If you are looking to make cake on Happy New Year 2016 so here we provides you the ideas to make the same. Temperature is very important to bake the cake. You can make cupcake, chocolate cake, banana cake, pies and ice creme cake.  You will find most recipe step by step in easy way. Favorite Carrot Cake requires Three cup of crushed carrot with necessary ingredients. After baking and letting it cool we will add cream cheese frosting, powered sugar and heavy cream and it is absolutely delicious.

Classic Banana Bread Recipe:  Requires banana bread, mashed banana, flour, butter eggs, baking soda and spices. Nuts are optional. The mixture of all these baked for quite a while about an hour.  The smell of banana bread will come and you will grab it from the oven. 

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